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American Top 40 with Casey Kasem and Shadoe Stevens
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- This site was last updated July 3, 2008.

AT40 Celebrated its 38th Anniversary on July 4. Congratuations to Casey for counting 'em down all these years, and here's to many more! Visit the Anniversary site for highlights from those 38 years.

Latest Updates:

  • Updated: 7/27/08: A list of all the AT40 shows that have aired as part of the AT40: The 1980s program is now available. 
  • New (6/20/08): Another AT40 with Shadoe advertisement has been added.  Do you have an AT40 ad featuring Shadoe? Please let us know so it can be added.
  • (5/25/08): Another picture of a record label for a Casey's Top 40 special has been added to the CT40 page.

Important Info: 

  • A link to AT40 expert Pete Battistini's website is available on the links page
  • AT40 with Shadoe advertisements are available. Do you have an AT40 ad featuring Shadoe? Please let us know so it can be added. 
  • Find a broken link? Please let us know!
  • Please visit the new AT20 section for current information.
  • If you're a fan of classic AT40, you need to get "American Top 40 with Casey Kasem (The 1970s)" by Pete Battistini.

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This site last updated July 3, 2008
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