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Number Ones

American Top 40:

Current AT40 number ones are no longer listed.You can view AT40's chart at the official site.

American Top 20/American Top 10: You can find AT20/AT10  info in the AT20 section of this site.

AT40's Top Songs from 1990-2003

AT40Fan Messageboard

Want to leave comments about this week's number ones? this week's charts? have an AT40 question? Leave your comments on the AT40 Fan messageboard!

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1. This will be a moderated message board. Messages will be removed if they violate the standards set below.

2. Messages should be about the American Top 40 family of shows, past and present, and the charts they use(d)

3. Copyrighted materials cannot be posted (for example, this weeks full AT40 chart).

4. Any vulgar, obscene, or items of poor taste will be removed ASAP.

5. Use common sense. No immature slams against corporations please.

6. This site does not necessarily agree with the opinions posted here.



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