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(This is Not an official site, at the moment no official site exists)

 In 1978, the first Long Distance Dedication was read on AT40. When both AT20s debuted, the long distance dedications were also heard on those shows. On occasion, different songs were heard on AT20 than on AT40 for the same dedication. This was due to the fact that some of the requested songs did not fit AT20. When Ryan Seacrest took over AT40 in 2004, the long distance dedication was no longer heard there. Now dedications can only be heard on AT20 and AT10.

Sometimes different songs are used for the same dedication on the AC and Hot AC shows. For example, "I'll Stand by You" by the Pretenders aired on AT20, while "Now and Forever" by Richard Marx aired on AT10 for the same dedication. (This actually happened in August 2004).

The AT40 Fun and Games site has a list of every dedication song that was used. The list is arranged by year.

To send a long distance dedication to AT20/AT10:

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Via postal mail:

American Top 20 (American Top 10)
PO Box 1998
Hollywood, CA 90028 USA

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