Step 1
From the Netscape Edit menu (in the menu bar at the top of Netscape), select Preferences.

Step 2
On the Preferences dialog that comes up, go to the Identity category as shown in Figure 1 below. (You may have to click on the "+" next to "Mail & Newsgroups". Next, click on the word "Identity")

Fig. 1:
Identity preferences

Step 3
Now, go to the Servers category (shown in figure 2 below). Fill in the following information:

Fig 2: Server Preferences

Step 4
In the area on this screen where you see Incoming Mail Servers, it probaby isn't blank since I configured this program to pick up my e-mail. 

Step 5

Now we need to add our server name to the program.  Click the Add button to add a server to the list.  A dialog box will pop up.  It looks like this:

Fig 3:
Incoming mail server properties

Please make sure the following information is in place:

If you like, you can tell Netscape to remember your password.  By doing this, Netscape won't need to prompt you for a password to download your messages from the server.  This way, when you open Messenger, it will download your new messages without requiring any steps to be taken by you.  Most people set it this way, but it's a choice you have. To do this, make sure the box next to "Remember Password" has a check box in it (click in the box to make a mark or to take the mark out).

Once you've entered in this information, click OK to return to the normal Preferences dialog box.

Step 6
Click OK to save your information and finish setting up your mail account. 

Congratulations!  You have successfully completed setting up your e-mail to work in Netscape Messenger 4.6.

Helpful Pointers for using Netscape Mail: